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Morrinsville proud flag bearer for MMC global rebrand

Rural New Zealand is helping to lead the way for Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s (MMC) global rebrand, with Piako Mitsubishi Morrinsville becoming the first dealership in Australasia to sport the striking new global visual identity (VI) launched last year.

Distinguished by a sculptural black diagonal enfolding the building’s front left corner and large black portal marking the entranceway, MMC’s new VI marks out the newly built Morrinsville dealership as a distinctly modern showroom.

Piako Mitsubishi Morrinsville dealer principal Darrell Russell, an 11-time Diamond Dealer award-winner (MMNZ’s highest accolade for top-performing dealers), is extremely proud to helm the first rebranded dealership in New Zealand, not to mention Australasia.

“We wanted to build a brand-new, modern showroom that would take our business to the next level, and which we and the town could be proud of,” said Mr Russell, who officially unveiled the dealership at a special event on Saturday 18 May.

“We approached MMNZ with our blueprint for a new dealership and were invited to incorporate the new VI as part of the build. The timing was perfect and I think the result is stunning.”

The floor-to-ceiling glass-walled showroom offers the perfect canvas with which to showcase the most striking architectural aspects of the new branding, complemented inside with natural concrete, timber accents and soft furnishings.

“People have been really receptive. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from locals on how great it looks – day and night.”

Mr Russell, his architect and builder worked closely with MMNZ Franchise & Facilities Manager Mike Sheerin to ensure the new VI met with MMC’s exacting global standard.

“The process went very smoothly and the result has been met with universal approval both within MMNZ and by MMC,” said Mr Sheerin.

“We are using 100% New Zealand suppliers for all materials. We were confident from the start that we would achieve the result we wanted. This country boasts world-class suppliers more than capable of delivering to the world-class standards demanded of MMC’s new global VI. Darrell and Catherine Russell’s hugely impressive new dealership bears testament to that.”

MMNZ chief operating officer Daniel Cook praised the benchmark set by the Russells and said the rebrand will reinforce Mitsubishi as “a fresh, forward-thinking brand with a modern aesthetic that Kiwis can relate to”.

“Well done to Darrell, Catherine and their team! They have set the bar extremely high for what a modern Mitsubishi dealership can be. It is fitting that the rebrand should be led by one of our most decorated Diamond Dealers; they have created an environment that will lift customer experience to an even higher level, which is a key motivation for this global project,” said Mr Cook.

“The new design is both aesthetic and practical, presenting a bold and modern look with a layout that aids customer navigation and ensures that the real stars, the vehicles themselves, are presented as the highlights of our dealerships.”

MMNZ plans to roll the new VI across its entire dealer network over the next three years.

“We are very much looking forward to this next chapter as we build towards our goal of 10% market share,” said Mr Cook.

Global outlook

At the launch of the rebrand in May 2018, Guillaume Cartier, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Sales Division at Mitsubishi Motors, said: "Our brand is evolving and we need to reflect this in each and every customer touch point. We are implementing the new dealer identity to ensure our customers can experience a consistent look, feel and service quality, wherever they are in the world."

Elements of the new design include:

  • Bold, black exterior signage with dramatic red accents and dynamic angles.

  • A clearly defined black and red entrance gate makes it easy to locate the main entrance to the dealership.

  • A black interior wall featuring the Mitsubishi Motors logo anchors the reception area, which offers a first glimpse into the new, modern space.

  • An inviting and bright interior offers a striking contrast to dramatic black ceilings.

  • A comfortable lounge area creates a space that is inviting and not rushed.

Check out the video showcasing the new design here:


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