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All-new Next Generation Triton is bigger, stronger and morepowerful than ever before

  • New 2.4 litre bi-turbo diesel engine lifts max. power and torque to 150kW (+10%) and

  • 470Nm (+7%) with improved fuel economy (-10%) and lower CO2 emissions (-9%).

  • Increased dimensions of new, rugged design provide superior comfort, capacity and stability.

  • Over 1 tonne payload across the entire range.

  • Significant upgrades to safety, comfort and off-road performance.

  • Top of the range 4WD VRX Double Cab Wellside special launch price of $59,990 +ORC.

Superior all-round performance, improved safety technology and a more robust design with

greater cabin and cargo space combine to make the Next Generation Triton a beast to be

reckoned with, says Tony Johnston, Chief Operating Officer at Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand


“In recent years, Triton has emerged as a serious challenger at the front of the pack – and this

latest evolution reinforces its claim as one of the best-equipped utes on the market,” said


“We believe it will turn a lot of heads; especially with special launch prices on offer for almost

every model, headlined by the 4WD VRX at $10,000 below RRP.

“At the end of 2022, we took delivery of 5,000 Triton units to meet overwhelming customer

demand. This year, we surpassed a total of 50,000 Tritons sold in New Zealand. We are

incredibly proud of that achievement and genuinely excited about what this Next Generation

range has to offer, as Triton continues to go from strength to strength.”

Strength in numbers

The overall length and width of the chassis has increased compared to the current Triton, with

an extra 130mm between the wheels reducing rear overhang – all of which adds up to

superior stability, cargo capacity and towing performance.

Next Generation Triton provides a maximum braked towing capacity of 3,500kg – and the new

model’s suspension and chassis frame upgrades ensure that driving stability is improved even

when towing a standard full-size trailer.

With a payload capacity in excess of 1 tonne, the wellside body has a longer and wider cargo

bed to accommodate a euro-style pallet (1200mm x 800mm)

The chassis frame itself is also completely new, constructed with high-tensile materials to

better absorb road noise and vibrations for more comfortable and safer driving on rough

roads and over long distances.

New front and rear suspension contributes further to improved handling and comfort on all

road types.

Purring powertrain with plenty of bite

Packed with more power (150kW) and torque (470Nm) than its predecessor, as well as

improved emission reduction technology and fuel economy, Next Generation Triton delivers

where it counts.

All models feature Mitsubishi’s new 2.4 litre bi-turbo diesel engine (4N16) with generous

torque available from low in the rev range, integrated with a six-speed automatic

transmission fine-tuned to deliver optimum performance in any conditions.

Precision engineering, weight reduction and enhanced components have resulted in a highly

efficient, high-performance engine that significantly reduces fuel consumption and CO2


The introduction of AdBlue in an SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system enables the Next

Generation Triton to comply with strict Euro6B emissions regulations.

All of this combines to achieve fuel efficiency figures of 8.8L/100km with 233 g/km CO2

emissions in the top of the range 24MY VRX – compared with figures of 9.8L/100km and 257

g/km CO2 from its 23MY predecessor (WLT-3P calculations).

Eating up off-road

Triton has best-in-class off-road capability, developed through Mitsubishi Motors’ rally

heritage and extensive testing in some of the harshest conditions around the world.

In addition to a chassis and suspension specially engineered for robust off-road performance,

a rear diff lock is standard across the range, enhancing Triton’s ability to get out of the

toughest situations.

Mitsubishi’s legendary Super Select 4WD II is standard on all 4WD models, offering four drive

modes to suit different road conditions with the unique option of full-time 4WD

A newly developed AYC system (Active Yaw Control; aka torque vectoring) helps the vehicle to

turn on a safe line, and as the driver intended, even on slippery gravel or snow.

All this, and a range of driving technologies inherited from the 23MY range, make the Next

Generation Triton a force to be reckoned with – both on and off road.

Safety second to none

Already well-stocked with safety technology in its previous form, the Next Generation Triton

benefits from ten additional advanced safety systems, including features not seen before in a


Front Cross Traffic Alert (FCTA) employs radar to alert the driver via visual and audio alarms if

an approaching vehicle is detected when entering an intersection.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) can detect and alert a potential lack of driver attention

through the use of a camera on the steering wheel column to monitor the driver’s face. If the

system judges that the driver is falling asleep or is distracted, it will issue a warning with an

alarm and display.

Both technologies make their first appearance in the Mitsubishi range and, for the first time,

Adaptive Cruise Control has been added to all Triton models.

Other notable additions across the Triton range include Lane Departure Prevention and

Emergency Lane Assist. Rear Automatic Emergency Braking is available on all wellside models

with a Multi Around View Monitor and Moving Object Detection (MOD).

Every model is equipped with eight airbags, including a new centre airbag designed to achieve

a five-star ANCAP rating.

Cab comforts

SUV-style comfort has been the goal for the Next Generation Triton interior, particularly in

seat comfort and AC performance.

Its larger footprint means more room for driver and passengers. The in-cab experience is

further enhanced through redesigned seats, with power lumbar support and a large range of

position adjustments for the driver.

Reduction of road noise and vibrations as a result of the chassis and suspension upgrades

results in a quieter interior environment, which is further improved by new sound insulation

on the doors.

Up front, a 9” Smartphone Link Display Audio system marks a significant upgrade on the

previous 7” display and comes with an embedded navigation system, AM/FM radio and

wireless Android Auto/ Apple CarPlay functionality.

Vehicle information is presented on a separate 7” driver's display behind the steering wheel for

safe and easy review.

The overall base spec of the interior has improved, with finer touches available as you move

up the range. In terms of exterior styling, spec is enhanced in the step up from GLX to GLXR to

VRX models, with the addition of larger alloys, stylish accents and distinctive grille designs.

The top of the range VRX features a body-colour high-grade grille, black 18”alloy wheels fitted

with 265/60R18 Maxxis tyres and smart black detailing with titanium accents.

“All said and done, every model in this exceptional Next Generation Triton range offers a

significant upgrade on what has come before,” said Johnston. “It is a truly impressive beast –

our best yet by some distance – and we can’t wait to see it roaming in our backyard!”

Stock is due to arrive in early 2024. Customers can place a deposit on the first arrivals now, by

The range in full:



Launch Price

2WD GLX Single Cab Chassis

$44,990 +ORC

$38,690 +ORC

2WD GLX Double Cab Chassis

$50,990 +ORC

$41,990 +ORC

2WD GLX Double Cab Wellside

$52,990 +ORC

$43,990 +ORC

4WD GLX Single Cab Chassis

$52,990 +ORC

$43,990 +ORC

4WD GLX Club Cab Chassis

$55,990 +ORC

$46,740 +ORC

4WD GLX Club Cab Wellside

$57,990 +ORC

$48,740 +ORC

4WD GLX Double Cab Chassis

$58,990 +ORC

$48,740 +ORC

4WD GLX Double Cab Wellside

$60,990 +ORC

$50,740 +ORC



Launch Price

2WD GLX-R Double Cab Chassis

$53,990 +ORC

$44,990 +ORC

2WD GLX-R Double Cab Wellside

$56,990 +ORC

$46,990 +ORC

4WD GLX-R Double Cab Chassis

$61,990 +ORC

$51,990 +ORC

4WD GLX-R Double Cab Wellside

$63,990 +ORC

$53,990 +ORC



Launch Price

2WD VRX Double Cab Chassis

$58,990 +ORC

$49,990 +ORC

2WD VRX Double Cab Wellside

$60,990 +ORC

$51,990 +ORC

4WD VRX Double Cab Chassis

$68,990 +ORC

$57,990 +ORC

4WD VRX Double Cab Wellside

$69,990 +ORC

$59,990 +ORC

Image gallery:

MY24 Triton GLX-R – 3.5T braked towing capacity.

MY24 Triton VRX – Over 1T max payload across the range.

MY24 Triton VRX – best-in-class off-road capability with Super Select 4WD II standard on all

4WD models.

MY24 Triton GLX-R – rugged new chassis with high-tensile materials on a new front and rear

suspension set-up for improved handling, stability and comfort on all surfaces.


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