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MMNZ moves into third place for financial year

MMNZ’s momentum continues through to its ninth year of consecutive growth, with third spot in the market for FY18 and 12,954 sales representing 8.4% market share – a 0.9% increase over the previous financial year.

This milestone comes less than 12 months after the company announced its “ambitious” goal of attaining 10% market share – a goal the company and its 56-strong dealer network are working hard to achieve.

“This outcome is testament to the ongoing contribution of our entire team and outstanding dealer network, who continue to surpass our best performance year after year,” said MMNZ Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs Reece Congdon.

“We have enjoyed phenomenal success in recent years and continue to strive for sustained growth and greater market share, through a dynamic vehicle range and industry-leading customer service.”

Propelled by Triton

Underpinning MMNZ’s impressive results is the Mitsubishi Triton, which keeps smashing its own records and boasted its biggest-ever sales month to round out the financial year. With 594 units sold in March, Triton out-muscled Toyota Hilux for the second time in three months. Overall, 5,200 Tritons were sold in FY18, up from 4,277 the previous year.

“Triton was the fastest-growing mainstream ute even before the new-look model landed, and we’ve only seen that trend accelerate as more and more Kiwis recognise the quality and value on offer,” said Congdon. “Seeing Triton occupying territory long held by the likes of Hilux shows that we’re heading in the right direction.

“Performance and safety upgrades delivered at a sharp price make Triton more compelling than ever before – and we’re pleased to see customers taking advantage of this.”

Strength in depth

“While Triton is our current star performer, we recognise the importance of providing a dynamic range that reflects Kiwis’ diverse and changing lifestyles,” said Congdon.

A perennial favourite, Outlander also enjoyed healthy sales across the 2018 financial year with 2,570 registrations.

Its hybrid electric cousin, Outlander PHEV – NZ’s leading plug-in hybrid SUV – enjoyed a massive 36% increase in registrations from 268 to 365. This was boosted by the release of the new 19MY Outlander PHEV in August, which led to a record monthly sales figure in September, and tipped sales over the 1,000 mark since the model’s original release in 2014.

ASX continued strongly with 2,578 registrations, and Kiwis will soon be able to get behind the wheel of the new 2020 ASX, which has undergone a major overhaul.

“With a suite of new products on the cards this year, we look forward to further evolving our high-performing line-up in the coming months. Watch this space!” said Congdon.


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