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Mitsubishi Motors NZ smashes three records in March

Mitsubishi Motors NZ started 2022 with a bang and shows no signs of slowing down. After achieving record sales figures in January, just two months after its previous high, MMNZ has followed up with not one, not two, but three new record results to end the financial year.

  • MMNZ raced to a record-breaking 3,566 retail sales in March.

  • 2,266 Triton sales smashes previous best of 1,118 Trition sales in January.

  • Financial year best of 23,666 sales nearly double previous modern-day high of 12,954 in 2019.

An unprecedented 3,566 sales in March, spearheaded by a record-breaking 2,266 Triton utes, has eclipsed the monthly high of 2,810 vehicle sales that started the calendar year. This represents an 105% year-on-year increase from March 2021 (1,737 units).

MMNZ also finishes the 2022 Financial Year with a massive total of 23,666 units sold – a 82.9% increase from the modern-day high of 12,954 units set in FY2019.

“These results demonstrate not so much a continuation of the momentum Mitsubishi has been building over recent years – this is a foot flat to the floor burst of sales activity to cross the end of financial year finishing line,” said Reece Congdon, MMNZ Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs.

“We made a bold move to secure 5,000 Tritons for New Zealand and ute drivers have responded emphatically ahead of the introduction of the Clean Car Standard in April.

“We already knew through responses to our online pre-ordering initaitives, and through increasing dealership enquiries, that more and more Kiwis are turning to Mitsubishi for value, aftersales support and all-round functional and aesthetic compatibility with their lifestyles. These results prove that, not only are we not content to rest on our laurels, we’re working harder than ever to keep improving.

“We believe we have built one of the most talented teams in the industry, from our headquarters in Porirua across a dealer network that goes from strength to strength every year. It is hugely saitisfying to see the past decade of hard work from all of our people rewarded in these results.”

MMNZ’s Next Generation Outlander PHEV marketing campaign launch saw hundreds of orders, test drives and deposits taken within its first two weeks. There are currently 1,500 PHEV orders across the Eclipse Cross and Outlander PHEV ranges due for customer delivery in April.

“Kiwis have embraced the Next Generation Outlander PHEV at levels not seen for a hybrid vehicle in New Zealand before,” said Congdon. “We are proud to be seen as the hybrid brand of choice for adventure-loving families, who require functionality during the week, adventure at the weekend, and a reduced fuel bill and carbon footprint on every journey.”


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