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Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand embraces global rebrand

MMNZ is adopting a bold new brand identity, as it looks to build upon eight consecutive years of growth and increasing brand recognition among the New Zealand public.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) revealed its global dealer rebrand earlier this month, which will encompass 5,000 dealerships worldwide and, for MMNZ, the timing is ripe.

“This rebrand comes at a great time for MMNZ, aligning us with a global standard in what is an increasingly successful market,” said MMNZ chief operating officer Daniel Cook. “This success is generated by driving an evolution through all areas of the business, keeping our customers front of mind and ensuring we are offering a dynamic vehicle line-up that suits the changing lifestyles and preferences of regular Kiwis.

“The redesign is both aesthetic and practical – the striking new look is bold and modern, while the layout aids customer navigation and ensures that the real stars, the vehicles themselves, are presented as the highlights of our dealerships.”

Elements of the new dealership design include:

  • Bold, black exterior signage with dramatic red accents and dynamic angles.

  • A clearly defined black and red entrance gate makes it easy to locate the main entrance to the dealership.

  • A black interior wall featuring the Mitsubishi Motors logo anchors the reception area, which offers a first glimpse into the new, modern space.

  • An inviting and bright interior offers a striking contrast to dramatic black ceilings.

  • A comfortable lounge area creates a space that is inviting and not rushed.

  • Each dealership will feature an Electric Vehicle area, showcasing Mitsubishi Motors’ commitment to electrified vehicles and marked by a halo over the latest model.

  • The drive-thru service area is well-lit, with open views to the service reception area to give customers line of sight to their service work.

New Zealand’s first new-look dealerships are scheduled for completion around the end of the year, with momentum picking up in 2019.

“We will be making every effort to bring this global design vision to life using locally sourced materials, furniture and fittings,” said MMNZ Franchise & Facilities Manager Mike Sheerin.

“There are currently 34 Mitsubishi Motors sales dealerships in New Zealand and we are excited about the opportunity to better align these with a fresh and contemporary global look. The reaction from our Diamond Dealers [MMNZ’s top-performing dealers] made it clear this change is a welcome one – there was total enthusiasm and approval for the new look.”

Guillaume Cartier, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Sales Division at Mitsubishi Motors, said: "Our brand is evolving and we need to reflect this in each and every customer touch point. We are implementing the new dealer identity to ensure our customers can experience a consistent look, feel and service quality, wherever they are in the world."


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