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HELL ready to unleash pyrotechnics for Guy Fawkes Night

HELL Pizza may be one of the few places in the country able to satisfy the appetites of backyard fireworks fans this Guy Fawkes Night, as New Zealand suppliers face shortages caused by production delays and import issues.

HELL’s full shipment of Hellfire fireworks is already safe and secure in New Zealand, while other outlets face being empty-handed by the time the sales window opens on 2 November.

“We are fully stocked with 23 tonnes of fireworks and look forward to providing premium pyrotechnics and gourmet pizza for a safe and satisfying evening’s entertainment on 5 November,” said HELL general manager Ben Cumming.

Managing director of Pyro Company Fireworks, Len Julian, who supplies HELL, said he was aware of at least three Kiwi retail outlets that won’t receive any fireworks ahead of Guy Fawkes Night.

Strict regulations introduced following the massive 2015 warehouse explosion in Tianjin, China, have slowed international exports overall and led to some shipping companies refusing to transport fireworks due to the increased administration.

Because larger export orders are completed and shipped first, New Zealand is further down the queue and faced with further delays. Adding to the hold-ups, manufacturing facilities must now cease operation when the temperature inside reaches 42°C.

Zombie Apocalypse primed for home invasion

Back with a bang, as part of HELL’s very own Zombie Apocalypse fireworks set, are Bleeding Eyes Boris, Decomposing Dwayne, Gangrene Gertrude, Jack-hammer Jerome, Screaming Suzy and Rotting Roger – all primed to unleash a backyard riot of sound and colour.

Available to order on 2-5 November from HELL stores, the Zombie Apocalypse has a special launch pad designed to enhance safety and performance by enabling fuses to be connected in sequence. All participating staff members have been fully trained and customers ordering online must read and accept HELL’s policy on safe and socially responsible firework use.

“Our fireworks have become increasingly popular since we first offered them back in 2014,” said Cumming. “We have always looked to provide the safest, highest quality and most exciting product to keep our customers entertained and out of harm’s way; we are proud to report there have never been any incidents linked to use of our fireworks.

“We want people to enjoy themselves, but we’d also like to remind them to respect the wellbeing and property of others.”


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