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HELL cuts the fuse on fireworks sales

Following a surge of public opinion against the sale of fireworks and slowly declining interest in the product, HELL has taken its ‘Hellfire’ pyrotechnics set off the menu

After five years offering its customers the chance to have fireworks delivered with their pizza during the annual sales period from 2-5 November, HELL has decided the time is right to move on.

“We received a considerable amount of feedback this year from the public, telling us they don’t agree with us selling fireworks,” said HELL general manager Ben Cumming. “That groundswell of opinion appears to be reflected in a general decline in interest for the product, all of which has led us to the conclusion that fireworks have lost their sparkle.

“A number of issues have been raised, from the safety of animals to antisocial behavior. In light of these legitimate concerns, we feel the right thing to do is to stop selling fireworks.”

Cumming said that while there will no doubt be a number of people disappointed by the move, the unanimous decision at HELL head office is that it is for the greater good.

“We started selling fireworks because it was fun and, from the outset, we have taken great care to ensure our firework sets provide safe and enjoyable entertainment for friends and family. The tide has turned and we can’t ignore that.”

During each sales period, all participating HELL staff members were fully trained and customers ordering online had to read and accept HELL’s policy on safe and socially responsible firework use.

“We might not be selling fireworks any more, but we have some exciting developments to launch in the future,” said Cumming. “We will continue looking for new ways to entertain and sometimes challenge our customers, while remaining a socially responsible company.”

Image caption: HELL’s Zombie Apocalypse fireworks pack from its ‘Hellfire’ range won’t be coming back from the dead, following the company’s decision to end all of its fireworks sales


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