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Lead role for Fuso eCanter in NZ’S transition to zero-emission transport

  • Six FUSO eCanters awarded subsidies from Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority’s Low Emission Vehicle Contestable Fund.

  • Five units to be deployed in Auckland Transport’s Queen Street Valley Zero Emissions Area trial.

  • FUSO eCanter is 100% electric, near-silent and employs fully integrated advanced safety systems.

Fuso New Zealand’s industry-leading FUSO eCanter has received a vote of confidence from the Energy and Resources Minister Dr Megan Woods and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

The Minister and her Department have approved subsidies for six FUSO eCanters to support the development of New Zealand’s zero-emissions transport fleet.

Dr Woods noted that: “demonstrating and proving the potential for electric heavy vehicles is important, as heavy freight has an outsized impact on transport emissions.”

Fuso New Zealand managing director Kurtis Andrews said: “FUSO eCanter is the first series-manufactured electric truck from an OEM globally and has over a million kilometres of real-world testing and evaluation behind it.

“We are delighted to be the first to bring New Zealand a zero-emissions delivery truck, which includes fully integrated advanced safety systems. This is a project we have focused on for a number of years and we are looking forward to getting these units out to work for our customers.”

While one of the units will be used to build transport industry awareness and wider acceptance of electric trucks, the other five will be used by transport operators; Mainfreight, Bidfood, Toll, Owens Transport and Vector OnGas in Auckland Transport’s Queen Street Valley Zero Emissions Area. The ZEA trial will be used to develop a clearer understanding of how the integration of electric trucks will affect transport and delivery systems.

“FUSO eCanter is ideal for inner city delivery,” said Andrews. “It is easy to drive, produces zero emissions and is virtually silent, which is a huge benefit for inner city residents and workers.

“We’d love to hear from operators interested in integrating an FUSO eCanter into their fleet.”

Advanced safety

FUSO eCanter’s sustainability credentials are matched by its exceptionally high safety standards. A range of crash avoidance technologies ensure greater protection for drivers and other road-users, while an ergonomic design and car-like functionality place premium importance on driver comfort.

Active Emergency Braking System – helps avoid or mitigate collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles, using a radar to monitor the road ahead.

Lane Departure Warning System – reduces the risk of lane departure accidents, using a camera behind the windscreen to detect lane markings and trigger an alert if the vehicle crosses with no indicator.

Electronic Stability Control – employs multiple sensors to detect loss of steering control and apply brake force at each wheel, which aids steering control and improves stability.

Innovative drivetrain

FUSO eCanter is driven by a permanent synchronous electric motor, powered by an 81kWh (420v) lithium-ion, liquid-cooled battery pack. It delivers an impressive 135kW and 390Nm, which provides a range of 100-150km on a single charge – well-suited to around-town delivery routes.

Two-stage regeneration captures kinetic energy created by the vehicles momentum and stores it in the batteries for future use. Efficient use of the regeneration settings will extend the practical range of the FUSO eCanter.

The electric drivetrain is fitted to a standard 3,400mm wheelbase FUSO Canter cab chassis, meaning customers and bodybuilders will be working with the same, familiar 750mm wide frame.

A standard CCS2 plug is used for charging, with downtime minimised thanks to DC fast charge capability that will have the battery at 80% capacity in less than one hour. FUSO eCanter comes equipped with an AC charge cable (max 32A), which will allow a full charge overnight using off-peak power.


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