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Fuso NZ and TR Group support industry access for female drivers

Fuso NZ has joined forces with TR Group to fund two Class 2 licensing scholarships for women looking to start a career in the transport industry.

The scholarships – worth $1,145 each – have been donated to the Women in Road Transport (WiRT) forum and will be awarded to women looking to begin their career in the transport sector but who face obstacles such as financial difficulties, lack of employer investment or lack of confidence.

To assess eligibility, candidates will undergo an interview assessment process as part of the WiRT approval process.

The two applicants who best demonstrate their motivation and commitment to pursuing a career in the industry will be enrolled to the fully funded course, run by TR Master Driver Services.

The intensive course provides a fast-track route to obtaining a Class 2 licence, rather than having to wait the standard six months.

The scholarship is the latest initiative from Fuso NZ in its bid to encourage inclusivity and diversity in the industry.

“Diversity is important in any business or industry to challenge convention and enable it to evolve,” said Fuso NZ managing director Kurtis Andrews.

“As a people-centric business, we’re committed to improving opportunities for those involved, or looking to get involved, in our industry wherever we can.

“From a business and industry perspective, this is a win-win – it will hopefully encourage more women to get involved and also help to meet the demand for qualified drivers,” said Andrews.

General manager of TR Group, Brendan King, chimes the same tune.

“Through our daily interaction we are acutely aware of the challenges the industry faces in finding drivers. We hope the scholarship will help create a pathway for more women to enter the industry,” says King.

“Ultimately, more qualified and experienced drivers reduces pressure on transport operations, making them safer and more productive. Women are under-represented in the transport industry and I can’t see any good reason why – creating these opportunities makes perfect sense.”

WiRT chair Meryn Morrison said the scholarships will help to overcome some of the barriers facing women who want to build a career in the transport sector.

“Women have a lot to offer the industry but are often faced with negative perceptions, unconscious biases and incorrect assumptions about their capabilities,” said Morrison.

“Our ultimate goal is to shift the industry dynamic as a whole and we’ve found that to do that, we have to support women by building their confidence. Initiatives like this one are exactly the way to do that, so it’s great to see Fuso NZ and TR Group helping to spearhead that change.”


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