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Payload Magazine continues Dinniss Communications’ decades-long tradition of content marketing for the trucking industry. It is the natural heir and successor to FUSO Truck News, which Philip Dinniss started in 1991.


We have a lot of time for trucks and the people who drive them. They are the backbone of the New Zealand supply chain – a lifeline for every New Zealander. Transport is also an incredibly exciting sector in terms of fast-evolving technology and innovation in tackling climate change.


Daimler Trucks is a leader in this field and its three biggest brands – FUSO, Freightliner and Mercedes-Benz – are represented across the North Island by Keith Andrews, the largest truck dealership in New Zealand.


Customer testimonials have always been at the heart of our content marketing strategy and Payload is packed full of them, alongside news from the Keith Andrews network and brand advertising (many of which we create in-house).



Deliverables: Full end-to-end production of bi-yearly magazine and website content management.

Payload Magazine

Client: Published on behalf of Keith Andrews

Campaign Type: B2B publishing

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