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Dinniss Communications is an experienced content marketing agency

Dinniss Communications produces a range of magazine articles from long-format features to industry and brand news, editorials and reader interviews – often as part of our in-house, end-to-end publishing service. Printed magazines provide enduring real estate for owned, earned and paid content – and we are strong advocates for this format, especially when supported by a content-rich digital platform.

The long and the short of it

Long format content marketing, such as magazine articles, is better suited to print media than online – although we recommend having both channels working harmoniously together (often with a QR code linking from the article to a landing page on your website).

People are willing to (and expect to) spend more time reading in print than they do online – so long as they are rewarded for their efforts. That means the content must be engaging, genuinely interesting and add value. If it ticks one, or all, of those boxes, people (potential customers) are more likely to come back for more and, even better, share the content with others in your target audience demographic.

More time spent with your content leads to a deeper engagement with your brand. Readers who feel rewarded for time spent reading your content are already forming a connection to and relationship with your brand – one based on trust and an affiliation with your products, services and the actions you take within your industry.

That relationship becomes reciprocal when readers become customers, or readers who are already customers become brand advocates.

That next step is really down to the quality of your service offering than your content – but don’t underestimate the role good content plays in the sales funnel. It’s also worth bearing in mind that brand advocates can be great subjects for magazine articles; especially testimonials.

This cyclical relationship powers our acquisition and retention content marketing strategy – read more here!

Unlock the power of print with magazine articles

Dinniss Communications is an experienced content marketing agency

Do the mahi, get the treats!

OK, so that expression may have peaked mid-2022, but the sentiment remains. Good-quality, long-format content isn’t always straightforward to achieve, which is why content marketing experts like Dinniss Communications exist.

The importance of achieving and maintaining quality in your content cannot be underestimated. It may be the first interaction a potential customer has with your business. First impressions matter and can last a long time!

Quality writing requires thorough research and a solid understanding of audience, allied with sound structure, storytelling know-how, and the nuts and bolts of finely engineered grammar and punctuation.

Beyond research, Dinniss looks to become a subject matter expert in its clients’ businesses and  industries through longstanding relationships that yield greater results for their longevity.

Dinniss has writing experts on its team from journalism, academic and publishing backgrounds and has proven quality control processes to ensure accuracy before publication – and when it’s in print, there’s no quick fix! We appreciate the importance of getting it right.

Check out our portfolio for more writing and publishing examples from our Wellington-based team of content creators!

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