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Boost your credibility with customer testimonials

Using customer testimonials as part of your content marketing strategy is a win-win for your business and your featured customers.

In the B2C space, everyone is looking for reviews to validate purchase decisions; they are in the B2B space too, it’s just that business customers tend not to write unsolicited endorsements. We overcome that and make sure the things they’re saying are going to be in line with your business’ messaging.

Why are customer testimonials important?

Well-executed testimonials provide credible third-party marketing content with which to target potential customers in the consideration phase of the buyer journey. Capturing word-of-mouth endorsement of your products ‘from people like me, or people I want to be’ in engagingly written articles provides validation in real-life contexts for their purchasing decision.


Including third-party endorsement to your marketing mix adds authenticity to your brand, which helps build trust, and it also helps to create brand loyalty in those customers whose stories are identified for publication.

Strategic storytelling in marketing

Dinniss Communications specialises in writing feature-length customer stories drawn from in-person interviews, because that’s how we find out what makes people tick and allows us to dig down into what makes them loyal to your brand and products.

We combine carefully chosen words with high-quality editorial images to help your story jump off the page and add depth to our storytelling. Adding a video component can also increase audience engagement.

Proven content marketing agency

Dinniss Communications has a proven track record in producing compelling customer testimonials for clients such as Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand, Fuso New Zealand, Keith Andrews, PlaceMakers, Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres New Zealand and Heartland Group.

Explore some of our customer testimonial examples here.

No matter the industry, we can get down to the nuts-and-bolts of what customers value about your product and communicate that with new and potential customers.

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